Thursday, September 08, 2011

Post 20-Mile Explanation

Last Saturday,  I had a great 20 mile run with the CARA 10:30's, but more importantly, with Carrie. We decided at the North Avenue water stop to leave the group behind and continue on with a two man show. Finishing out this way allowed for no lines at any drinking fountains we felt the need to visit, plenty of trees to use as support to stretch, and a two-on-one assault on Cricket Hill.

I've had a my far share of sub-par runs this training season. Saturday rebuilt our spirits that we will have great race days. Carrie's now tapering for Berlin, while I'm preparing for 20 mile run #2 on September 18.

Running 20 miles is a process. Once you finish running, there's stretching, icing, driving home - the list goes on. I had plans to meet up with Brian and Kim later in the day. Both understand the processes of training for a marathon.

Here was what I told them I needed to do -

North Coast Music Festival starts at noon, however, there is no way I will be there at noon. I have 20 to run Saturday morning. We doing 2 miles before the 6:30am group and then 18 with the group. My very bad math estimates that it will take us 3.5 hours to do 18, and thus, ending at 10am.

I will then hobble to the lake where I'll ice down my legs that already hate me. From there, I will proceed to my brand new car, with it's amazing new car smell, and enter it covered in sweat, salt and lake smell. I will then drive said car through a McDonald's drive thru where I will purchase one large fountain Coke using a credit card (since I don't run with cash).

I will then proceed home, now regaining consciousness, feeling empowered that I got my ass out of bed and accomplished 20 miles before noon. As I park at my place and attempt to get out of my car, I will realize that I'm already getting stiff. Walking up one flight of stairs to my place will be challenging, but the most important thing is to no spill the cherished McDonald's fountain Coke.

I will enter my place where Dave will kindly ask how my run went. I will give him a really long explanation, during which, he will come over in my general vicinity and smell me. A rather disgusted look will appear on his face and he will tell me to go shower.

After the shower, I will eat three huge pieces of Captain Crunch french toast, covered in butter and syrup, because, well, Captain Crunch + french toast is not enough sugar or fat for me already. A food coma will soon follow. I will then enter my bedroom and crash for approximately two hours.

Sad thing is, I was right on all accounts with the exception of the length of my nap. 90 minutes was all I could handle - I was too excited to head to North Coast.

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