Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Morning Run Motivation

August begins tomorrow. What comes with the month of August? The continuation of marathon training.

I gathered a few quotes from Pinterest to help keep training going on the right foot (or left perferably, in my case):

One for those early Saturday mornings:

For those August and September mid-week 8 and 10 milers:

To stay focused and dedicated:

 Running clears the mind:


Declan Xavier said...

Just call midweek runs sleep killers for all of us that can only run in the AM! Now the sunrise getting later, we'll start finishing before it comes up!


Laura said...

I think I may have saw you on the path Saturday morning around 7am. Were you wearing a white short sleeve adidas shirt and orange/red shoes?

Declan Xavier said...

hmm! Nope not me! I was home by 6:30. I currently am sporting some bright neon green sneakers!

Loren P said...

Running definitely clears the mind. It's actually the same for most exercise. That intense focus doesn't allow us to think about the deadlines we might not meet at work!

Loren P | London Fight Factory