Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SOSing the Massage Therapist

There comes a point in training where things that were once way down on the to-do list go right to the top.

Case in point last week - A desperate need for a massage. 

I'd run four miles on Tuesday morning with the same dull ache in my hip I've had for a few weeks. Weather was cool with low humidity. I felt pretty good. 

On Wednesday, I went out to run five at lunch. About two miles in, the run turned into a run/walk. Then with breaks to stretch. My right quad and IT were getting tight. 

I stretched as best as I could and rested that evening, hoping the phantom pain would disappear. 

Thursday morning the exact opposite thing happened. The muscle tightness caused me to reach for my phone and text my massage therapist at 6am. In an act of true desperation, I hoped that he had some time to fit me in that evening. 

Luckily, he did.

That evening, he checked my alignment and discovered something was off. My left hip was higher than my right and in turn, made my left leg shorter. This is not something he had ever noticed before, including when I was in to see him five weeks ago. 

After an hour of stretching and massage, I was sore but hopeful. I have to remind myself this is the hardest period of training. These things happen. But how did this happen? Did I push myself too hard in yoga? Am I sitting in a bad position at my desk? I'm searching for an answer. 

In the meantime, I've traded my desk chair in for an oversized exercise ball and rekindled my romance with the foam roller.


Declan Xavier said...

I hate when injuries just creep up and you can't find a specific instance that caused it.

Resting this late in the season just doesn't sound right... Good luck with your massages!

Rose Hunter said...

Sports enthusiasts need to spend more time in massage therapies. Sometimes, simple stretching exercises are not enough for you to prepare your body for a run. It's still advisable for a therapist to see if you're ready to run your miles to avoid serious physical injury. :)

Rose Hunter @ TouchOfHealthNY.com

Brooke Burgess said...

I run miles every day, and I was just brought up to believe that the harder you work, the more that pain will eventually subside. I have never seen a massage table, but the pain in my legs was so severe I went on the recommendation of a friend. The massage was unbelievable, my pain was gone and my endurance spiked.