Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Making Lemonade

We all know the saying that goes something like, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.'

As winter drags on much longer and cooler than it should be allowed, I'm digging deep to stay motivated.

Those first few steps out the door truly are the worst ones of a run. Especially when it's cold and windy and you live right on top of the lake.

I went out on a six mile run two Sundays ago in the later part of the afternoon. Instead of running early in the morning, I was waiting for the rain to break and for the warmest part of the day to appear.

When I finally hit the road, I realized I had forgotten to grab gloves or a hat. It was windy drizzling slightly. As I turned a corner, the wind pushed it's way hard in the opposite direction. It nearly sent me home.

I wasn't even a half mile into the run. I couldn't allow myself the thought of heading back 'just to get gloves and a hat' because I might find some excuse to not go back out. You can't run just a mile of a six mile run.

So I toughed it out. My hands were tingling from the cold. I tried to pull the sleeves down on my outer layer to cover them. I reminded myself that things would get better once I warmed up. They had to. It couldn't get much more uncomfortable.

A mere ten minutes later I was passing my turn around for a 3 mile run. A stretch I run often before work in the summer. I started thinking about summer - Shorts. Sun. Heat. Baseball Games. Beach. Music Festivals. Marathon Training. Breakfasts. Crazy Early Runs. Gu. Chafing. Brunch with Bananas Foster.

Thoughts of summer and training turned what started as a miserable run into a fine one.

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Pete B said...

Glad to hear you toughed it out on your run. Cold hands are never fun. Summer will be here before we know it!