Friday, July 12, 2013

3 Dresses in 72 Hours

Ok, I'll admit it - I'm a tomboy at heart.

I've always preferred sports to fashion.

I've cringed at the thought of modeling.

I don't really know much about make-up.

A pony tail is my favorite hair style.

(So, my true calling in life must have been to be a runner, don't you see?)

But a few weeks ago, I had to man-up to the call of being a woman and wear a dress. Three days in a row.
I don't know how I didn't see this coming weeks before - A black tie event on Thursday, rehearsal dinner on Friday and a wedding on Saturday.

You know what the problem is with being a true girl over being a tomboy? Maintenance. It's easy to maintain a tomboy life. A relatively comfortable range of clothes, ballet flats, no make-up, wash-and-go hair and a toothbrush. All your needs can fit in a backpack for an overnight trip.

But then there's those dress days. They require taking on the roll of being a true girl which requires nail polish, manicures, teeth whitening, mascara, bronzer, eyeliner, ipad (to watch videos on how to do hair and make-up of course), dry cleaning, earrings and more. Then there's the dainty purse to fit all your womanly crap in. It's all a game you can't win.

Men have it so easy. Suits, collared shirts and dress shoes with gym shoe comfort. While they stand around comfortably and look sharp, women are walking by with their feet jammed into shoes that were not meant to be worn.

Thoughts of plantar fasciitis are running through my head - and more importantly - when will it be acceptable to ditch the heels for the flats I have squirreled under the table? Also, can I ditch the wine I'm drinking and get a beer now? Are we at that point in the night?

I may have had a dream or two or ten about my running shoes, shorts and a sleeveless tech tee in that three day time frame. I just might have. 


Declan Xavier said...

Haha, i don't even like wearing my work shoes. When I have to hustle to catch a bus or train in them I immediately thing, oh god, these shoes are going to make me sore! I might lose a second off my run now!

Or having to quickly change into work cloths after a short cool down after a run. Overheating in work cloths. bleh!
Wickering work gear please!

Jen Poskin said...

Dainty purse to fit all your womanly crap in. Haha!!