Thursday, June 06, 2013

Most Read Post Winner: Blisters Under Toenails

Last September, I wrote a rather graphic depiction of blisters forming under my toenails post 2011 Chicago Marathon.

You can read it here.

It's by far the grossest post I've ever written (out of 200).

Yet, in the last 9 months, over 500 people have navigated their way to read it.

So, thanks... I think?

Are gruesome posts the way to go? I hope not.

Though it seems there's many out there goggling their way to find relief.

May blisters be the worst of our troubles as summer begins.


Declan Xavier said...

Toenails! one of the pretty topics for every runner!

I check mine every night to make sure they are very short and hope my sneakers dried out enough and have a fresh pair of running socks. I know this won't save me, but I pretend it is.

Maybe I missed the post as I haven't been following for a long time, are you running any big races this year that you are starting to train for again?

have a good day!

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

Thanks, Declan! I like your toenail strategy. I may adopt!