Thursday, April 24, 2014

What if Everybody Ran?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everybody ran? 

Truthfully, I hadn't. But the ad folks over at Mizuno had. 

I love infographics. Maybe it's the designer in me or the feeling that I'm somehow gaining more information by reading less. Regardless, this small ad I pulled off of Pinterest today has me wondering if all the information could be held true if everybody ran.

Ok, maybe suggesting everyone should run is too lofty of a goal. Some people can't run. Or they really hate running. But what if everyone who could run did? Just a mile a few times a week for starters. It wouldn't have to be fast. They'd just have to complete it. I think we would find members of the group who would find joy in the sport and would increase their mile to two or three. Maybe they would find it relieved stress or made their dog happy. 

And for everyone else. Maybe they really hate running, or, for one reason or another can't. That's ok. "Running" can be transformed into other activities (walking, swimming) to fit everyone's abilities. 

What if everyone's "running" did transform their lives (or their dogs)? 

What if it made our overall quality of life better - What if there were less trips to the hospital, less smoking, and less weight? 

Wouldn't that be pretty amazing?

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