Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jar of Fuel

Some people have a bowl of fruit on their counter.

Or a container of cookies.

Not me.

I have a jar of fuel in gummy and gel forms.

Clif Shots, Shot Blocs, Gu, Roctane, Hammer Gels

They come in a variety of flavors - coffee, mocha, mint chocolate, tri-berry, raspberry...the list goes on. I'm partial to the blueberry pomegranate and vanilla orange flavors right now.

I could tell you they are delicious as perfectly-rippened fruit or warm cookies, but they are not.

Gu serves a purpose - it is an energy food designed to be quickly and easily digestible so it can be eaten during endurance events. A person may take one to two Gu's an before their workout and one to two each hour during their workout.

That adds up to a lot of Gu.

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