Monday, August 01, 2011

Darth Vader does Yoga

In the spring, I discovered a yoga studio with the help of GroupOn.

It's a few blocks away from my place, which is quite nice. There are classes that start shortly after I usually get home from work. You can pre-register online to save your spot in the class which is ingenious.

After trying out a few classes, I found a vinyassa flow class with an instructor I liked quite well.

I was enjoying getting back in to a routine of yoga practice - finding my inner self and all that good stuff - until he appeared.

On the outside, he appeared to be your average man in his early thirties. He sat next to me in the seated position as we relaxed and waited for practice to start.

The instructor welcomed us to practice and then asked us to start lengthening our breath. That's when I noticed something wasn't right. Instead of the sound of even tempered, rather quiet breathing, I heard heavy, labored breathing. Like that of Darth Vader.

Certainly DV couldn't continue like that for an entire class. Maybe he was warming up?


I tried my very best to block him out and enjoy the practice.

Exactly a week later, the same thing happened. I should have memorized what he looked like the first time, then I could have avoided this!

A week later, I try setting myself up at the far end of the room from him to no avail. DV can fill the entire room with his breath.

So I've stayed away for awhile - partially because marathon training has picked up but mostly because I can't enjoy a yoga practive with DV.

I plan on going back to yoga tomorrow. We'll see if the dark side still rules practice.

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