Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Head Cold vs. Chicago Marathon

I've fallen off blogging for awhile. Hopefully this entry can explain (at least partially) what happened.

Saturday, the day before the marathon and following the Salute luncheon, we headed home. The goal was to stay off my feet as much as possible the rest of the day.

As afternoon turned into evening, I noticed something new. I had a sore throat.

I could panic or I could try ignoring it.

Ignoring it would use less energy. I downed Airborne and hoped for the best.

I packed up my gear check bag, double checked my list, and prepped for bed.

By morning I had a runny nose as well. I grabbed advil, dayquil and kleenex, then headed to the L.

During my train ride, I looked up the effects of medications and marathon running. As with any internet medical question, in the end, I thought taking any cold medicine may lead to death.

When I arrived at Michigan & Congress to meet Brian at 6am, I had taken nothing. Brian could tell I was stuffed up, and over the next hour convinced me that Dayquil would probably not kill me, and, well, if I felt bad, I could always go to medical.

Easy to say. Harder to do.

We checked our bags, visited the port-a-potties, then headed to the corral.

We'd discussed a strategy over the last few days. We were going to start at a 10 minute mile pace and see where we went from there. Now standing in the corral with the sniffles, I hoped I could hold up my end of the deal.

In a few minutes, I was about to start my 4th marathon. I was nervous. It seems that all marathoners are that way - you just never know what's going to happen between the start and finish lines. That unknown can make you crazy or keep you coming back for more.

About 11 minutes after the gun went off, Brian and I reached the start line.

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