Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring Races: Signing up 'Early'

I'm turning over a new leaf in 2012. I'm not going to wait until the last minute to sign up for races.

Though I may be motivated to train, I lose it when it comes to committing to races.

There's really no excuse for it. I'm training year round.

In the spirit of this, I've signed up for the CARA Lakefront 10 and the Shamrock Shuffle.

This will be my first Lakefront 10, but I figured it's well-placed on the calendar and it won't hurt to do another ten mile race before the Solider Field 10.

I've had a few year hiatus from the Shamrock Shuffle. The last time I ran the race was 2008 I think. Vacations and training for other races have gotten in the way the last few years. A few friends are back in this year, so why not, right?

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