Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Katie Perry, Get Out of My Head

Shortly before the start of the Lakefront 10, Kim and I stood near the start line. As usual, upbeat music was played leading up to the gun going off.

The song of the moment was "Last Friday Night/TGIF" by Katie Perry.

The gun went off. For the next ten miles, my internal soundtrack had been set. Katie Perry. One hour and forty minutes of Katie. That's a lot of Katie.

Friday night was stuck on repeat for some time. Then it shifted from "Teenage Dream" to "California Gurls" then to "Hot and Cold."

Wow, who knew I could sing so much Katie Perry to myself?

It seemed to do the job, so I kept going. Now I was searching for a new Katie song.

I pulled out "I kissed a girl" from the memory bank and saved "Waking up in Vegas" for the home stretch. Which, ironically, started playing as I crossed the finish line

Saturday was a Katie Perry kind of day.

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