Thursday, February 07, 2013

Road to Nowhere

The nice thing about training is it gives you a road.

A weekly schedule of workouts. Strength exercises, track interval runs and long runs.

The road's clearly marked for the number of months you'll follow it until race day.

You don't question the road, rather just follow it on the journey it's taking you.

When it's raining on the road, you run in the rain.

You continue on the road until your run ends that day.

Many times you're doubling back on the part of the road you've just came from to get back home.

But what happens when the road ends? Not literally, but the training road.

Where do you go then?

Some of us take shelter in our home gym, athletic clubs, yoga studios, and cross fit centers to mix it up the training regime.

Some move on to the next road. A recovery schedule to prep for their next race.

Then there's the unmentionables. The ones that just stop.

I've met a few people like this. They run the marathon and stop running the minute their feet cross the finish like for months.

My post marathon training program hasn't been the best road I've ever been on. Mostly because instead of being on a rigid, clearly marked highway, I'm instead stuck on a windy road in the country that keeps changing names and direction. I may be running (read a lot) less than recent years' comparison, but I continue to enjoy the yoga studio and look forward to future success there.

Now where are my running shoes?

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Pete B said...

I recently realized that I will likely never stop running until I am physically unable. It is that important to my well-being.