Sunday, June 02, 2013

Drink 3, run a 5k?

We've tested "Drink 3 the night before a race and get a PR." It's a successful program.

But what happens if your race isn't a morning race?

I remember Brian calling me last summer concerned about the Las Vegas Half. This race, which ran down the famed strip, started in the evening. How do you properly fuel for an evening race? An more importantly, how do you drink 3?

Yesterday I found myself in a unique situation:

I was asked Friday morning by our LivingSocial rep if I'd have any interest in running their inaugural Chicago "Glow in the Dark 5k." I knew Kim A. Had registered for it and the evening was open. So I gathered a few more to join in the fun. The race started at 8:30pm at Soldier Field.

The Hawks game was on at 4, so Kim and I headed down to a South Loop bar. We had a hockey team to cheer on and some time to kill.

The question wasn't if I was going to have a beer or two, but rather how many was just enough to then run a 5k. This was uncharted territory. So we texted Brian. Could drink 3 apply if it was just a few hours before an untimed night fun run?

His response "Drink 3 always applies."

And so, with the help of $3 Summer Shandys and a huge basket of Wisconsin cheese curds, we cheered the Hawks to victory.

The only interruption in the Hawks road to game one victory was the looming storm over Chicago. It came in waves and knocked out the bar's satellite service. It rained sideways as the skies grew dark.

Seven thirty came and went as we stayed in the bar along with many other race participants. We all seemed to be debating the same thing - do we head to the race with the potential to get soaked or stay dry in the bar and miss the race?

By the time we left, I'd had four drinks and wondered what type of performance I could have after my earlier day activities.

I'll post about the race experience later as it was totally geared towards my love for dance music, but for now, I was my very own lab rat.

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Declan Xavier said...

Can't wait to hear a recap from a fellow Edgewater runner! Maybe if drink 3 is a PR, drink 4 will help you medal in your age group!