Sunday, August 11, 2013

Four Long Runs Left

Two Saturdays ago, I met Jen and Jeff at our CARA marathon training site.

Embarrassingly, it's only the second week I've been to group training this year.

The site coordinator made a few announcements including a sound bite that we have just four long runs left in training.

Wait a sec, only four more? How is that possible?

I know I missed quite a few Saturday morning group runs due to weddings, festivals, concerts and vacations...but really, just four?

He went on to explain that there were just four Saturdays where we would run more than what we'd run that morning.

Ok, now I feel a bit better. As I let out a sigh of relief, I started to cringe.

I could see how the conversation would turn into a further explanation of how many weeks total we had left including cut back weeks. Which would lead into the question that gets asked at least once a season to the group of 200 or so runners:

The site coordinator: "This week is a cut back week. What do we do on cut back weeks?"

A few runners mumble their answer that would surely make it on the Family Feud board.

If someone else doesn't blurt it out over everyone at the site, the site coordinator follows with, "Have more sex." 

Some people laugh, smile and cheer. My face flushes red and I fight my hesitation to walk away.  Do we really need to have a conversation like this right now?

I may have dodged the exchange in the earlier weeks of training, but I'm certain I won't make it through the remainder of training without hearing it.

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