Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rats! [Part 1]

Normally, I write about running, training or yoga.

Lately, my focus has changed over to the official animal of the City of Chicago and everyone's enemy, the rat.

Why would I talk about rats? Rats are gross.


A few weeks ago, I was driving my relatively-new, barely-driven car. I noticed it was running rough. I dismissed the hard idle to the cold temperatures that morning. Later that day, I drove my car to yoga. That's when my check engine light went on and the car's issues became more pronounced.

I called roadside and had the car towed to a nearby dealership. Puzzled, I called my Dad and told him what was going on. He thought the car's on-board computer might be on the fritz.

The next day, the service department called me with an update on my car. "The good news is, we know what's wrong with your car." The service man said. "The bad news is, it's not covered under warranty."

The service man then went on to explain that some sort of rodent - a squirrel, mouse or rat, had chewed through three of the four fuel injector lines. It could be fixed, but parts and labor would be $400. I authorized him to perform the work.

Shortly after, I began googling rodents in car engine and saw images like this -

What the....? This happens to people? Why are they choosing my car? What can I do to prevent it?

I continue reading sites and ask my Facebook friends for advice.

On the day that I picked my car up from the dealership, I immediately head to Home Depot. I talk to an employee who refers me to the rodent control section of the store. I purchase moth balls and Critter Ridder.

I drive home and park in my parking space and grab a pair of surgical gloves from the kitchen.

I distribute the Critter Ridder power along the parameter of my parking spot, creating a first line of defense.

I then cut down an old box and use duct tape construction for a moth ball tray to slide underneath my car.

Satisfied with my Google education and Home Depot purchases, I begin to feel more at ease knowing I've taken measures to prevent future attacks.

Even if my car now smelled like moth balls and pepper.

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