Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Road Bike + Clips [Adventures in Riding]

Last week, Kim S. bought a road bike.

On Saturday before the Hot Chocolate run, Kim A, Kim S. and myself talked about riding this weekend. Kim S. said she is concerned about getting comfortable with her clips. She said everyone she's talked to has a story about falling while clipped in. Kim A. said she wouldn't mind getting one last ride in, and I agreed.

Kim S. said she had yet to ride her bike outside, but had practiced in the store.

I bring up Kim's nerves about clips because I certainly have them. Even still. Even after owning my bike for over two years. Granted, I managed to fall walking up stairs earlier this week, but even still...clips are tricky.

Clips are a godsend to riding efficiently and at the same time a curse. That is, until the act of clipping in and out becomes second nature. Some of us seem to get to that 'second nature' phase faster than others.

What happens if it takes someone awhile to get in tune with their clips?

They fall. A lot.

Here's the thing about falling off a bike - it hurts. It hurts a lot more now than it did when I was a kid. There's no way to avoid the attention you'll attract when you do fall - it's quite a sight.

Not to scare Kim, of course. I have a feeling it's taken me longer than most. She may jump right in them and go on Saturday.

Either way, here are some videos from LiveStrong to refresh my memory and get her acquainted with the process:

Getting Clipped in:

Getting Out:

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