Friday, February 11, 2011

Born To Run

Christopher McDougall is the author of "Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen."

McDougall's book has a cult -like following in the running community. Last winter, while laid up with a knee injury, I read this book.

When hanging out with a group of runners, the subject of barefoot running is a hot topic.

McDougall is an advocate for barefoot running, which is has been all the rage in the last two years. Then again, it was the all the rage hundreds or thousands of years ago too, before the invention of cushioned running shoes.

His book talks about running mechanics, the mass marketing of running gadgets (which he thinks we don't need), edurance racing, ultra marathoning, and a tribe of Indians in the Cooper Canyons of Mexico called the Tarahumara.

Below is a video of Christopher McDougall discussing 2009's New York City Marathon and how Derartu Tulu's compassion and athleticism in that race encompasses some themes of his book:

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