Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bye Bye [to hopes of] Berlin

A few months ago, there was a commotion among my training friends.

What if, instead of Chicago, we ran the Berlin Marathon this year?

What a great idea! We've all participated in Chicago the last two years (some of us three).

Berlin is just two weeks before Chicago, so we could do the Intermediate version of our training program and be right on track for the September 25th race.

Berlin is a flat, fast course like Chicago. It could mean a P.R!

Kim S. was the first on board. She started the rest of us thinking about it as well.

Within a few weeks Jen, Sara and Carrie were all on board.

I was the hold out.

And in, what I guess we could call the end, I decided not to go.

Do I want to run the Berlin Marathon? YES!

But I also want to be able to go to Berlin, then spend some time in Europe, including visiting my family in England.

Without busting out a spreadsheet, we all know it's a pricey trip. So this time around, I have to be the lame one who misses out on the cool trip.

Ladies, I can't wait to hear all about your plans beforehand and your experiences afterwards!
Don't worry, I have a few races to train for that will keep me busy, and I'll still be seeing you all Saturday mornings up until Berlin.

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