Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Say No to Cotton Socks

Yesterday I did an easy 4 miler in the early afternoon. It was windy and cool, just as you'd expect at the beginning of March in Chicago.

Not many people were on the lakefront path, so I found myself paying particular attention to those who I did come across.

About a mile in to my run, I saw it. A runner in cotton tube socks.

The cut of the socks wasn't what caught my attention, it was the blend.

So I wondered, Who runs in cotton socks?

Someone who wants a blister.

There are all types of poly-blend socks on the market now that have Cool-Max or a similar technology in them which allows the sock to wick moisture away from the foot and in to the outer layer of the sock. They're light and breathable.

My favorite brand is Feetures. I like the arch support and reinforced toe box and heel. I've been using these socks exclusively for running in the last 7 years and I've never been disappointed.

I found a video on youtube which compares a cotton sock to a moisture wicking sock. Skip the first 1:15 to get to the comparison:

There might not be a lot of gear in running, but you need the right gear!

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