Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revenge of the Foam Roller

The foam roller and I were seeing each other for awhile last summer.

Then we broke up.

I didn't miss the foam roller.

Dating a foam roller isn't all that exciting.

While you're dating, it's like, I guess the foam roller does something for me.

After you've been dating for awhile, you think you can do without the foam roller.

But he always shows you in the end.

A first date with a foam roller after you've been on a break is like asking for continuous charlie horses given at unbearable pressure.

The foam roller [almost] makes you scream and cry due to the shear amount of pain it brings to your over-exercised IT band.

Damn you, IT band.

And we thought we could live without the foam roller?

He showed us, didn't he?

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