Sunday, April 03, 2011

10 miles. The Cure to a Common Cold.

I don't get sick often.

Training seems to help fend off the common cold and flu. Margo's marveled in my ability to walk out of her flu-ridden household unscathed on more than one occasion.

Two weeks ago, I went to bed early on a Sunday night and ended up staying home from work Monday, sleeping most of the day.

By Monday evening, I felt recharged enough to go back in to work, but I didn't have enough energy to run. I decided to rest and hit up the vitamin C.

Thursday afternoon I made a weak attempt at a five mile run before leaving for Miami.

Once I arrived in Miami, I felt fine. Vacation was great. I returned Monday evening, ready to run the next day.

I went to bed Monday night and wasn't up for more than a few hours until Wednesday morning.

Wednesday I went to work, but went home at lunch.

I slept. More.

I called my doctor's office. She was on vacation. I stopped by a Walgreen's Take Care Clinic in the hopes they'd be able to help. The visit was a bit inconclusive. Maybe I had mono, or maybe just the flu.

Back to work on Friday. Feeling better, but by no means great.

Saturday I feel much better than Friday. I go to the doctor's office and see another doctor in the practice. The doctor says I likely have a strand of the flu, and there's nothing he can do now. His advice - I should have gotten a flu shot this year. I tell him I've never had one and he shakes his head (this is the same guy who told me I shouldn't run unless being chased). According to him, everyone should have a flu shot. Maybe he's right (?).

After that helpless visit, I text Katie to go back to what does seem to work: running.

And why not try to knock out the flu by showing it a solid ten mile run?

Sunday morning we did just that in an attempt to get back on schedule for half marathon training.

Three weeks until Nashville!

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