Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dave meets the Foam Roller

Last week, the weather broke (well, at least for a few days).

While I was out running and eventually falling, Dave was out golfing. Santa brought Dave a new set of clubs that he's been itching to break in.

On Friday, we went out to dinner. As I was driving to the restaurant, he told me his side was bothering him. I asked him to be more specific. As he explained more, it sounded all too familiar. Ah ha! Dave too has an IT band.

As we exited the car, I demoed the 'cross one foot over the other and lean' IT band stretch. It didn't seem to help much. At dinner, I told Dave he was going to meet his fate that evening when we went back home. What Dave needed, my friends, was the foam roller.

He didn't seem worried. Ah yes, I remember the days before I first foam rolled. I would see people using them at the gym. I thought it was just a fad, like The Reebok Step. But then I foam rolled and damn, did it hurt.

When we returned home that evening, I pulled out the foam roller and showed Dave a few, seemingly painless, moves. Minutes later, Dave had his first encounter with the foam roller. And the foam roller won.

He rolled. He grimaced. He howled. He screamed obscenities. He took a breather. Then rolled again. "This hurts!" He told me. Yes Dave, it does. I saw sweat forming at his hairline. That's when I knew the foam roller was really getting to him.

He next night, he was at it again. Rolling. Sweating. Swearing.

Once again, the foam roller shows it's domination in my house.

The foam roller always wins.

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