Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Making of a Marine

For the last five years, I've ran one marathon a year. Quite possibly the greatest marathon in the world - The Chicago Marathon.

While friends have traveled to different cities, states and counties, I've stayed with my hometown race.

I've had dreams about running London, but its near impossible to get into. I've also had another race on my mind - The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. A few friends have run it and had good things to say (ok, all but Brian).

One day last summer, Jeff and I got to talking about other races we might like to do. We talked briefly about Marine Corps then. Jeff then proceeded to run two marathons in October last year- Chicago (we ran the race together and both PR'd) and then Amsterdam (Jeff ran with Kimberley and she PR'd).

Shortly after the new year, jeff and I were part of an email discussion on other races to run this year. Marine Corps came up and we both said we wanted in. Marine Corps registration was not until the end of March whereas Chicago's was at the beginning of February. And so, the idea of two marathons in October was born.

After much anticipation following Chicago's registration and last year's Marine Corps selling out in just a few hours, the day came. Carl, Jeff and I were all logged in a noon EST to be in the minute registration opened.

This registration process proved to have its fair share of challenges. The same Chicago had a few weeks earlier and the same as the Wine Country half a month earlier. The overwhelming interest in these events is driving people to all rush the registration sites the minute they open. And so, for two hours, the three of us tried. Carl and I got in just minutes before registration closed. Jeff wasn't able to get in that day, but has a few other avenues to look into to get a bib for the race.

We'll run Chicago on October 13th, and on October 27th (my 34th birthday), we'll run Marine Corps.

I can't wait. Even if it means we can barely walk at the end of the month.

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Declan Xavier said...

Woah! good luck on that! I'm training for the Chicago one as well. Are you using any plan or doing something like CARA?