Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forecast of Saturday at 6am: 87 degrees with a 40% chance of thunderstorms

This past Saturday didn't start out to be a picture-perfect running day.

It was absolutely pouring when I left my place at 6am. I was soaked walking out of my building and getting in to my car (distance is about 20 feet). But I was determined to run with the training group that morning.

Lake Michigan had relocated itself onto Lake Shore Drive, which made the drive south a challenge instead of a delight. The underpasses were flooded. I still found my way to our meeting place.

I pulled next to Kim's Rabbit. She wasn't in it, but I had a text from her, saying something along the lines of 'Run canceled. Go get back in bed.'

I called her to find she was in Larry's car a few spaces down. We waited for another half hour to see if we'd get the all clear to start the group run a bit later. In the end, CARA canceled the training run - but we didn't.

Kim suggested we dry out and regroup at Carbio. John joined us there. The four of us sat, talking about running and many other things, until 7:30, when it appeared that the weather was passing.

That's when we made the decision - we would still do the 12 miler. Even if the Fleet Feet aid stations were down. Even if we were the only ones out there. We were determined. Our social calendars did not allow for a Sunday morning run (who does that?) or getting up before the sun was up on Monday to get in a nearly three hour run.

So we did it. We were tough. We took the road less traveled. We ran north and then south along the path. We ran around Montrose Harbor and then along the east side of the golf course.

At the North Avenue soccer field, we talked the Gatorade people in to sharing their supply with us. We were very grateful.

In the end, we were done with the 12 mile run before noon, and we had mostly cloudy skies, a nice breeze, and just a hint of sprinkles.

Sounds like a perfect training day to me.

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sara said...

I still can't believe you guys ran that day... Yikes that was badass! What Internet station do you listen to at work? I listen to radiodanz and music one but I'm always looking for new ones, I think you listen to the dance/dj like I do.