Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Running Home From Work

Week four of training. Saturday the group was scheduled to run 9 miles.

Unfortunately, I was going out of town. That's one of the tricky parts about training - life gets in the way. Sometimes it comes in the fashion of staying out too late on a Friday night when I'm up at 5:30 on Saturday. Or its that weekend plans are to not be in Chicago.

I am presented with two options.

Option A: I run 9 miles in my weekend location, which I've done before in San Diego, Ft. Myers, Miami, Indy...or

Option B: I complete my long run before vacation. Ah ha!

But when will I have time to do 9 miles?

In comes the 'need' to run home from work - and it's about 9 miles to my place.

So Thursday, I leave work around 3:30 and head north on the lakefront path. As luck would have it, the lakefront path will end before I'm done running, but it's nothing short of a beautiful commute home.

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