Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music is Essential

Music is Essential.

Not just in running, but in life.

I happen to listen to upbeat, fast-paced music with a strong base line. It's great to work out to.

I listen to music during the week when I run by myself. On Saturdays the iPod stays at home.

Week 8 of training calls for two three mile runs and one six mile - that's roughly two hours of running, just during the week.

I need a good playlist, and it needs to be updated often.

No more than a few weeks goes by before I'm downloading some new stuff.

I listen to an internet radio station at work. I'll write down song names and DJs I like, then go home and try to find them on iTunes.

Although running may be an inexpensive sport, iTunes gets me every month for new downloads.

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