Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shout Outs

Saturday mornings start at Montrose Harbor around 6:30. Shortly thereafter, we're heading south on the lakefront path. Inevitably, we run into other training groups along the way - CES, Team in Training, etc. We also run into cyclist and other runners.

The cyclists definitely despise us. We are herds of runners clogging up most of the path every Saturday morning. Every once in awhile, we have a not-so-friendly exchange with one of them, usually after there was a close call. Truthfully, in a bike vs. runner collision, who would be worse off?

When I'm riding I think 'you stupid runners, stay over to the right. If one of you makes a bad move, I'm flying off this bike.' When I'm running I think 'you stupid riders, give us more space. I don't want to be run over by your bike.'

I'm a getting a bit off the subject though -

Every Saturday my group heads south. We almost always pass my friend Kim.

Kim's a marathon veteran. She knows her stuff. Maybe it's with all that wisdom and experience that she's able to pick me out of a crowd every morning when she passes me and I, somehow, remain oblivious. In my defense, the problem is I'm usually talking [imagine that] to someone.

Kim will scream for me, usually multiple times. After she passes, it will finally register - 'Oh no, I just missed her' and I make an attempt to shout back.

She told me Saturday afternoon she's about to give up on the shout outs because I'm so bad at them.

Something to work on this week. It is a recovery week after all.

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