Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready to Run

Today marked the longest training run I'll do this season.

CARA organizes a great event - The Ready to Run 20 Miler.

The event is not a race, rather an organized training run to simulate the marathon experience. Groups of 50 people who run the same pace are formed for a wave. Many paces have multiple waves.

We started this morning at Foster Avenue Beach, heading north on the lakefront path, right around 7:30am.

We went north til about Bryn Mawr, then headed south.

The lakefront path is 18 miles long, so CARA throws in a few diversions away from the path to make up the difference.

Today I made it to 17 before the distance started to get to me. Getting to 18 was tough. Once I reached the 18 mile marker, I had to tell myself that running another 20 minutes was nothing. What's two miles, right?

The finish line was at the South Shore Cultural Center. Our pace group got together within 312's beer garden and had a few drinks to celebrate a great run.

Now we start to taper for race day!

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