Friday, September 10, 2010

Vacation Planning and Training

Tomorrow I'll travel to San Diego through Thursday.

Kim asked the details of my trip over lunch today.

As I began to explain my flight times and dates, she smiled and said, 'Oh, so you'll do your long run tomorrow morning in Chicago and then fly out. Do your weekday runs there, then fly back in time to rest before the 20 miler.'

Yes. Everything she had said was correct. Without realizing it, I had meticulously planned how I'd get training in while traveling.

The other two people at the table thought we were crazy.

It came to no surprise to Kim, she has done the same sort of planning while training for marathons over the years. We discussed terrain in San Diego. Ten miles could be rough through the hills, but the weather will be mild.

I used to worry about getting runs in when I traveled, even if I was just driving out to the burbs for the weekend. Now, it seems almost second nature to fit it in whenever I can.

Did I mention I have two issues of Runner's World packed in my carry-on?

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