Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running for a Reason

Every runner has a reason.

To lose weight. To get in better shape.

Some of us run for bigger reasons than ourselves. We use running to benefit causes we hold close to our hearts.

The above photo is of a building along the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. Each summer, the building is transformed into the Chicago Marathon mural. One of the people featured on the building this year is William Beiersdorf. William is the founder of Salute, an Illinois-based charity benefiting active military and their families.

William, a Naval reservist, was called to active duty for more than a year the day after 9/11. While serving his country away from home, his family endured severe financial hardships. After completing his duty, William and his wife founded Team Salute to provide financial assistance to military families. William and the organization now operate a running team at the Marathon each year to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

As my brother prepares to head to Afghanistan in early 2011, [his 4th deployment while serving in the US Army, and now as an Army Reservist] I am hard pressed to find a cause that effects my family more. My brother has served in the Army for most of his adult life. I cannot think of a service for which I could be more grateful.

It is for these reasons that I am running as part of Team Salute on 10.10.10.

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