Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Big Mac Meal and Other Indulgences

A question commonly pondered by runners -

"Do I run to eat?" or "Do I eat to run?"

One may quickly say "Eat to run, of course!"

But then consider the delicious meals they've enjoyed while training. After all, if you're burning off 1,000+ calories on a Saturday morning, you can have whatever you want for breakfast! Here are some I've enjoyed this season.

One of my personal favorites is the Big Mac Meal -

I want the entire meal, in it's original form - no Diet Coke, no medium fries. Give me the all-american, fully-leaded Coke and large fry. I treat myself to the meal in the last few weeks of marathon training.

Another favorite is Garrett Popcorn's Carmel Crisp -

I don't know what their secret is, but I know it involves a lot of butter, and I LOVE butter. It just so happens that a McDonald's and Garrett Popcorn Shop are located on the ground floor of my office. Lucky me! I've gotten a small bag and devoured it in one sitting a few times during training.

My favorite meal by far is breakfast. Who doesn't love french toast? Or Captain Crunch for that matter? How about combining them, and topping them off with butter and syrup -

Captain Crunch french toast has become my post long run recovery meal, washed down with chocolate milk.

Certainly there's an adult beverage to add. My favorite this summer is Goose Island's Sofie -

What more can I say. It's just delicious!

It's easy to see I run to eat.

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