Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Taper Madness

Less than five days to race day, and already, I can't focus.

Well, I can't focus on work or things to do around my condo, or anything I would normally be consumed with.


Instead, I am focusing on things like -

Checking multiple weather websites at various times in the day.
Newsflash: They haven't changed...today.

My boss said he didn't feel well this morning. Am I going to catch his cold?

Reading the Marathon website and runner participant guide...again.
You never know, I could have missed something.

Varying degrees of positive and negative thoughts.
For example, "Training went really well. I can do this. [Then I think] I sprained my ankle just over a week ago, what am I doing?!?"
Scenarios like this go on and on.

Hoarding race day gear.
I've checked that my clothes and clean and that I have enough Gu.
I'm sure I'll check it all again...tomorrow.

Hazards appeared on my normal lunch time run to Buckingham Fountain.
None of them are new - cracks in the asphalt, cyclists, crosswalks - but today they are all safety issues.

Suddenly I have a quite vivid account of the last few miles of the race last year. They were hard. This experience is tough. Why am I doing this to myself again? How can anyone love inflicting pain on themselves?

Even with those thoughts, the pros still outweigh the cons, and I can' t wait.

I'm ready for you...Wednesday.

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