Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 Races in Less Than 30 Hours

Some of us focus (often for months) on training for one race. But once that race is over, what's next?

By mid-October, running season winds down as temperatures drop.

Still, there are runners who continue running in to the winter, and there's quite an alarming number of us. The Hot Chocolate 15K started in 2008 with 3,500 runners in Montrose Harbor. In 2010, the race has expanded to Grant Park, includes a 5K option and has added 26,500 entrants.

Last weekend, I ran 10 miles with Carrie and Jen as they prepared for the Monster Half Marathon. During the run, they told me our friend Sara would be doing the Half Marathon as well on Halloween.

She' also be doing two other runs - all in less than 30 hours.

At 8am on Saturday morning, Sara ran the Carrera de los Muertos (Run of the Dead) 5k in Pilsen.

At 6pm on Saturday evening, she ran Everybody PRs 6.9 mile run in west Lakeview.

At 8am on Sunday morning, she ran the Monster Half Marathon starting in Grant Park.

Sara and I talked about her multiple race weekend last night after Everybody PRs. Everybody PRs was a 6.9 mile run organized by F^3 Events and Universal Sole. About 30 runners (including Kim S, Kim A, Sara and I) participated on a course that went through Lakeview and North Center.

She said the Carrera de los Muertos was her best 5k time since 1997. She ran the race in sub 9 minute miles.

She said Everybody PRs was a little tougher, she could tell her legs were tired. After a few celebratory drinks, she headed home for a good night's sleep before this morning's Monster Half Marathon.

I'm anxious to hear how the Monster Half Marathon went for Sara, Carrie and Jen.

Running a half marathon three weeks after a marathon makes you rockstars in my book!


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