Monday, October 25, 2010

Continuation of the Saturday Long Run

On the morning of Saturday, October 9th, I woke up after 8am.

The first thought in my head was 'It's strange to sleep past 6 on a Saturday.'

That's certainly not normal.

Although I'd run the Chicago Marathon the next morning, October 9th was what I could have only assumed to be the first Saturday of many with something missing - No Long Run.

The following Saturday continued the 'No Long Run' tradition. Instead of getting up early and running I went kayaking in the afternoon with Tricia.

But by last Saturday, truthfully, I couldn't stand it anymore. So when Carrie asked if I'd want to go out later Saturday morning to run 10 with Jen and herself, I said yes.

We would take it easy we agreed. This run was for fun instead of training.

However, during the run, I found out that they are both participating in the Monster Half Marathon on Sunday. At first I thought it was too soon for a half marathon, but as we continued on our run and I felt ok, I started thinking about it.

We started running in mild temperatures with overcast skies. We ended the run with sheets of rain and a cool breeze.

We talked about 'Everybody PRs' Kim's 6.9 mile race which happens this Saturday evening and then discussed the Hot Chocolate 15K on November 6th.

That's when I realized...I had replaced CARA's marathon training long runs with other Saturday long runs, thanks to friends suggestions and organized races.

It goes to show that we really don't know what to do with ourselves when we're not training.

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